We are the brand products CBD fastest growing in Europe. We offer a wide range of high-quality products with CBD, tested by external laboratories that promote balance and overall well-being.

Our mission


To continue innovating and offering the consumer a variety of products CBD high quality, for the benefits of CBD are easily accessible to all.

Provide a service of quality customer care, to support each person on their path to wellness.

Empresa UAPO

Fundación UAPO (Unidad de Apoyo al Paciente Oncológico)

En CBD HOME, creemos en el poder de la comunidad y en la importancia de apoyarnos mutuamente en momentos difíciles. Estamos agradecidos por la oportunidad de formar parte de la familia UAPA. Esta asociación nos permite contribuir activamente al apoyo y tratamiento de pacientes oncológicos, brindándoles la atención integral que necesitan para mejorar su calidad de vida.

Guardias Civiles Solidarios

Colaboradores oficiales

CBD Home se enorgullece de colaborar estrechamente con Guardias Civiles Solidarios, una asociación comprometida con la solidaridad y el bienestar de quienes dedican sus vidas a proteger a la sociedad. En nuestra empresa, reconocemos y valoramos el sacrificio y la dedicación de los miembros de la Guardia Civil, y estamos comprometidos a contribuir positivamente a su bienestar.

Asociados con AJE

Asociación Jóvenes Empresarios

En CBD HOME estamos comprometidos con el desarrollo empresarial y el crecimiento de la comunidad. Es por eso que nos complace anunciar nuestra colaboración con AJE Andalucía, una asociación dedicada a representar y apoyar a los jóvenes empresarios en la región. Juntos, con AJE Andalucía, estamos construyendo un futuro empresarial sólido y vibrante para nuestra región.

Committed to the environment

Reforestation with each product

CBD Home is proud of its commitment to the awareness about the importance of our planet. As part of our initiative, we have partnered with Tree-Nation to contribute to the reforestation and offset our carbon footprint. Every product you acquire from us will not only enrich your life but also supports the global cause of preserving and protecting our planet for generations to come.

Cruelty Free

Respect for all forms of life

We are proud to say that all of our products with CBD are completely cruelty free. We believe that respect for all forms of life is essential for a better world. That's why, never testing on animals and we are committed to ensuring that our supply chain is free of any form of animal exploitation. Every drop of our oils CBD is an expression of respect and love for life in all its manifestations.

cruelty free

Organic Products

A commitment to the planet

Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. Each of our oils of CBD, is organically produced and sustainable, with a focus on reducing our environmental impact. We work in partnership with nature, using agricultural practices and responsible farming techniques, which preserve the biodiversity and the health of the soil. Choosing our products is choosing a path towards a world more green and healthy.


European Brand 🇪🇺

Trust in a brand registered at the European level

The production of our oils CBD takes place in facilities in Europe, where the quality and transparency are fundamental pillars. We comply with the most stringent standards of production and quality control of the European Union to ensure that every product that reaches your hands are pure, safe and effective. Choose our oils of CBD is to choose the reliability and integrity of a manufacturing process of the first level.

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Our products


Our philosophy is to prioritize the quality of our products above all else. Our goal is to make every drop of oil of CBD are as close as possible to perfection.

We do not compromise efforts to achieve this goal and we have spent a considerable amount of time, effort and love to do it as well.

Our promise

From pure ingredients of ethnicity to a final product, responsible, our manufacturing process is kept to the highest standards, in all the senses. Each product of CBD HOME are made with the finest ingredients to make you feel good. No gimmicks.

How we do it

Make our premium products of CBD requires a meticulous attention to detail. We focus on to get nothing but the best hemp that we can find, we have the best qualified staff that designs and produces our products.

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European Brand

Trust in a brand with European recognition