Analysis and certificates of our products

CBD HOME, we are committed to provide you products of CBD exceptional and transparent. We believe in the importance of quality and purity, so that we carry out rigorous analysis to ensure the excellence of our products.

The lab with whom we work carried out extensive analysis of quality in every batch of our products of CBD. These analyses cover various aspects, including the power of cannabidiol, the purity of the ingredients, the absence of pesticides and heavy metals, as well as compliance with regulatory standards.

We invite you to explore the detailed reports from our analysis of quality for each product. We want you to have total confidence in the purity and efficacy of what shopping in the CBD HOME. We are committed to transparency and to the satisfaction of our customers, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you're buying products of CBD of the highest quality.

* All of the hidden data are protected due to privacy regulations.

Analysis / COA / BA:

Hemp oil organic

Analysis / COA / BA:

Fractionated coconut oil

Analysis / COA / BA:

Rosa Mosqueta

Quality Control Testing