Frequently asked questions


1.How is our oil?

Our oil CBD promotes relaxation, decreases anxiety, stress and relieves pain by its ability to anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Hemp oil organic is combined with the Extra Virgin Olive Oil to enrich your property and improve its absorption capacity. The peel oil of lemon completes the formula to improve the organoleptic properties.

2.Can CBD be addictive, cause allergies or harmful?

It is not addictive, all studies to date show that the addiction observed is the same in subjects who have consumed CBD than in those who had taken placebo. In terms of allergies, as all substance, is not without this possibility. The records of people who are allergic to CBD until the moment they are not significant and, proportionally, are minimal.

3.Does CBD can cause side effects?

The CBD can cause side effects, but these do not go beyond stomach pains and excessive tiredness, cease to suspend its consumption. You can also produce negative interactions with some medicines, or with any condition very specific in certain cases. If you believe that you can be in any of these situations, we recommend that you consult with your doctor.

4.Is it safe to consume CBD and in what amount or dose?

Yes, it is completely safe. Studies "in vitro" and "in vivo" report a very high safety and zero toxicity. There is a specific dose. Depends on several physical factors (age, sex, weight, height, capacity of assimilation, etc) and psychological (suggestion, anxiety, stress, bias, etc). The best way to find your dosage is to start with low doses and increase gradually until you find the desired effects. Despite this, in Spain it is only legal the sale of products intended for external use only and not for oral use.

5.Is it legal to sell CBD in Europe?

Yes, it is legal in most european countries. Normally, the legislation allows the marketing CBD provided they are intended for external use and the label tells you to do so. All our products are labeled accordingly. The regulation will vary depending on the country of destination, where we can adapt internally on both the tag as the components of our products.

6.What is CBD and where does it come from?

CBD is one of the many chemical compounds present in the Cannabis sativa plant. It is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid and unlike THC, CBD does not alter the perception or affect the cognitive ability.

The plant Cannabis sativa, commonly known as hemp or marijuana, is a herbaceous plant of the family Cannabaceae.

7.What is the scientific evidence behind the benefits of CBD?

In November 2017, the WHO issued a preliminary report on the CBD, which included the following conclusions:

  • The CBD is not addictive.
  • The CBD does not seem to have any abuse potential or dependence.
  • The CBD has no effect on the ability of the user to drive a vehicle or perform tasks that require coordination.
  • The CBD is non-toxic and do not have serious side effects.
  • The CBD has therapeutic properties for a variety of medical conditions, including epilepsy, anxiety and depression.

In summary, the WHO recognized the therapeutic value of CBD, and stated that there is no reason to ban it or classify it as a dangerous drug.

8.How should you store the CBD and for how long?

It is recommended to store their products of CBD in places where they won't be of direct light. Jars of oil of CBD are opaque to better protect the qualities of the CBD, even so it is recommended to cool places and dark.

9.Can you give positive on an analysis of narcotic drugs?

CBD HOME uses cannabidiol THC-free certified labs in the us and Europe, which makes it totally safe and suitable for any age, elite athletes, and other professional subjected to analysis drug

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